Saturday, December 26, 2009


28 Rachel Imenu is not an architecturally elaborate building. Many details that are embellished in nearby buildings from the same period are not emphasized here. For example, many building have elaborate arches at openings, interesting stone patterns at corners fancy railings, decorated keystones, complicated stair profiles, double- or triple-windows, etc. 28 Rachel Imenu has none of these:
* Openings are simple rectangles, in both portrait and landscape orientation. At the bottom there is a sloped sill and above there is always a flat arch with an odd number of stones. The edge stone protrudes slightly. The jambs are unremarkable and do not stand out. None of the stones are raised above the regular plane of the wall.
* There are four separate types of window bars, presumably each from a different stage of the building. None are particularly decorative and most are just simple arrangements of rectangular and circular profiles.
* The corners of the building have no fancy patterns and do not stand out at all. They simply turn the corner and continue.
* There are no stones with special engravings on them, no initials or insignias.
* The stairs are all straight-edged, with no nose or notches where they meet.
* Windows are always single, stand alone openings. No windows are paired or adjacent.
* Hardware in the building appears to be off-the-shelf, standard hardware. It may or may not be original.

Overall, it seems that this simple design was deliberate. Based on the style and the time period, one can assume that this was the influence of the Modern movement, and that the simple, clean lines were done for this reason.

Sketches show typical window detail, a door jamb detail, a stone table in the garden, the entrance door (with seats), four types of window bars, a fireplace and a railing in the stair core.

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